Caribbean Goddess Dress


So y'all this is my first blog post!! I am so excited to be starting this new section of R&M closet where us the owners will be blogging about our favorite outfits .So there's a lot of stuff coming in the future a lot of changes a lot of cool stuff and we are excited to share them with you!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
So let's get into this first outfit which is called the Caribbean goddess dress. Yes girl we went there!! So when I first saw this dress I automatically fell in love with it and honestly everybody who saw it on me about the same way. Just from the way it flows and the natural sexiness it gives you while not showing you too much it's perfect for summer. So let's talk about why I named it Caribbean goddess. For those who do not know I am Haitian I was born in Haiti came to America at a few months. So with that being said when I was walking down the streets of South Beach Miami in this dress it was almost as if everybody was like bowing down to me or something!! Everyone ,I swear they thought I was like some type of celebrity everybody was staring at me. I'm not going to lie I usually I have confidence but in this dress it took me from normal confidence to Kanye type of confidence!!!!😜😜😜😜 so basically that's where the name came from by how I felt in the dress I just felt so inhuman and beautiful and like a ray of sunshine that I've never felt before. People around me even looked at me like I was something that they had never seen before and just by looking at these pictures y'all I think y'all can understand. So let's talk about the power this Goddess had on this day!!😁😁😁😁 This dress gurrrrrrrrrrl!!!!! I was parting  Red Seas left and right!!!!!! Bofl!!!😜😜😜😜From the stares to the Stumbling of words it was just funny to see how they were so mesmerized. Trust me normally I'm the most humblest person you'll ever meet but with this dress on confidence was an understatement. So obviously I'm going to tell y'all that y'all should buy this dress .It is limited there's not many other so if you feeling it definitely get it. Trust and believe I will be wearing mine multiple times throughout this summer.
p.s. more pics down be low
Sincerely your R&M sis 💋💋💋💋
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